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Boundary map of NBEDZ



As found in its Economic Development Plan, the Zone seeks to help those businesses and groups that will advance commerce and diversification in the local economy of North Brevard, an area that encompasses approximately 120 miles, as depicted on the adjacent map.  This service area also includes property within the boundaries of NASA's Kennedy Space Center. 

To accomplish its goal, the Zone operates the following programs of assistance: 

* Job Opportunity Program, for companies proposing to create a significant number of high-wage jobs in the area; 

* Redevelopment Program, for companies and groups proposing to redevelop a vacant or blighted commercial and/or industrial site; 

* Small Business Program, for companies proposing to make a significant capital investment in the area; and, 

* Pad-Ready Development Program, to improve industrial property and make it suitable for new development. 

In addition to these programs, the Zone also works on a series of "Strategic Initiatives," also found in its Economic Development Plan


Briefly, these initiatives include:


* Marketing state incentives in combination with Zone assistance;

* Identifying and seeking out infrastructure projects that will impact job creation and capital investment; 

* Redeveloping potential "Brownfield" sites; 

* Improving communications infrastructure; and, 

* Improving workforce development.  

For more information on these Zone programs, please contact staff at 321.960.1458. 

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